ppines made deliberate provocation

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nd aircraft to intrude

ovember 1999, the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines met with▓ Secretary of Foreign Affairs Domingo Siazon and Chief of the Presidential Management Staff Leonora de Jesus to make another round

Jiao, Xian&

of representations. Many ▓times the Philippines promised to tow away the vessel, but it has taken no

action.96. In September 2003, upon the news that the Philippines was prep▓aring to build facilities around that military vesse▓l illegally run aground at Ren’ai Jiao, China lodged immediate representations. The Philip

  • rsquo;e Jiao, Xinyi Jiao, Bany
  • ue Jiao and Ren’ai Jiao of C
  • hina’s Nansha Qundao,
  • and destroyed survey markers
  • set up by China.94. Sti
  • ll worse, on 9 May 1999, the Phi
  • lippines sent BRP Sierra M
  • Vestibulum at tellus mauris
adre (LT-57)

. But the Philippi

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pine Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs Franklin Ebdali

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n responded that the Philippines had no int▓ention to c

nes claimed
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